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Appnana, which was known by the name of Appnana Sync and Tapjoy before, is a mobile rewards service created by Mapiz. When users earn Appnanas, they are granted gift cards of Google Play store and Apple App Store.

App Nana is the latest and the most popular mobile rewards app launched on the market. Surprisingly, for an app, this new, App Nana has a large user base.

Everything You Should Know About Appnana:

Google Play store has recorded more than 10 million downloads of the app. In case you don’t know what, Mobile Rewards apps are, don’t worry, this website has all that you need and much more.

Mobile Rewards apps are those apps that basically pay users for using the app. You can play games and complete tasks to earn your money.

The items were arranged in the order of least valuable to most valuable. Instead of hard cash, users will be paid in the form of gift card credits. While making purchases, use PayPal and Steam Wallet to make payments. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Features Of This Appnana Include:

  1. Nana offers to show up whenever there is a new game. Install the game and start playing to earn Nana points.
  2. You can use these Nana points in order to redeem gifts from your gift cards.
  3. It is super simple to earn points. You get 400 points just by logging in every day.
  4. You can also get points by inviting your friends to install the app.

How To Earn Free Nanas:

  • Install the app and register. You will earn 10,000 nanas for doing this.
  • Install apps that Appnana suggests in order to win Nanas.
  • Start watching a video and earn 1000 Nanas.
  • You get five extra Nanas for watching the entire video until the end.
  • You will get 2500 Nanas each time you invite a friend to use the app.
  • Once you log in to the app, go to the “Get Nanas” option.
  • Play games to earn Nanas. Here are few games and how many Nanas you will earn by playing it
  • BetBull – 2331 Nanas
  • Solitaire – 1399 Nanas
  • Soccer Saturday Super 6 – 3405 Nanas

Everything About AppNana Hack:

Why Do You Need To Use A Nanas Generator?

Many people try to make a lot of Appnanas without using the hack. It’s a tedious process. Using the generator to get unlimited Nanas free of cost is way more straightforward.

With your Appnanas, you can use Google Play Gift card, Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift card, PayPal Gift card and many more!

You can also get resources for your games with your Appnanas. Get unlimited gems for Clash of Clans, diamonds for Hay Day using your Appnanas for free. There’s no stopping you from being the best player!

How AppNana Hack Without Verification Generator Works?

Our App Nana generator has been made for Android devices by high-end developers. These developers are highly experienced in programming hacking software.

It is because of advanced programming that it is possible to generate an unlimited number of Nanas. At every step, the proxy server runs a check to avoid internal issues.

Our generator inserts the number of nana’s you want into Appnana’s own system. When you complete the offer inserted with nanas you receive all the hack points.

How To Use This AppNana Hack Generator:

  1. Click on the link mentioned above.
  2. Once the page opens, enter the email ID you have registered with AppNana.
  3. Select how many free nanas you want for your account.
  4. You will be asked security questions. Please answer all of them; it is only to keep your transaction safe.
  5. Make sure you enter your email ID as your rewards will be sent to the same email address.
  6. By the end of this, you will be asked to fill in the captcha.
  7. Fill in the captcha, hit ‘Generate’ and the transaction is complete!

Why You Should Use Our AppNana Hack No Survey Generator?

  1. Since the tool is web-based, it does not need any installation. Thus, there is no risk of your system being affected by malware or anti-virus.
  2. This generator is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  3. The generator is programmed in such a way that it bypasses Appnana’s firewall.
  4. This generator gives you all the Nanas you want and is absolutely free. The hack also offers AppNana codes. You don’t have to pay a single penny to get the credit.
  5. It is 100% safe and undetectable as Anti-ban protection method is enabled.
  6. The transaction is super-fast. The Nanas that you requested will be mailed to you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Exactly Can I Use The Nanas I Have Earned?

Depending on where you live, here is a list of websites where you could make use of your Nanas:

  • Amazon Gift Cards (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)
  • iTunes cards (US, UK, and Canada)
  • PayPal Cash (Worldwide)
  • Xbox Live Gift Cards (US and UK)
  • PSN Cards (US and UK)
  • GTA Cash Cards (US and UK)
  • Steam wallet cards (Worldwide)
  • League of Legends Game Cards (The US and Canada)
  • Bitcoin (Worldwide)

Final Words:

Who would not like to earn sitting at home? Would you miss a chance of earning by playing games? This is exactly what App Nana offers.

Log in to the app every day and start earning Nanas. After you have earned a considerable number of Nanas, you will get Nanas using which you can redeem gifts from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, PayPal store.

You can even forward these App Nana rewards for someone else as a gift.