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Hay day, a typical social farm-developing game isn’t something you would want to miss out, just because it portrays a cliched concept.

Those who are leisure and desperately want to burn their time, Hay Day is your best option of engaging yourself.

But beware; this might turn out to be more addictive than you might think. There have been countless games in this genre like Township, City Ville which are kind of drab and get boring over the course of time.

But Hay Day stands excepted from such limitlessly monotonous games and has actually set a trend among games of its type.

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The Abstract Uniqueness Of This Game:

This game takes us back to those days where farming used to fetch majority of the nation’s income.

It was those days when people had a discernible sense of how to categorise their income which they had mainly acquired from different types of farming and agriculture. That is exactly what you are expected to do in the game for your patient progress.

Go online and compete with other players with your developments in your farm bases and progresses. In case you are wondering about its origin, you sure will be surprised to know that its developer was Supercell.

Know About Hay Day, Another Masterpiece Put Forth By Supercell:

Now we all know Supercell as the developer of one of the most addictive and unanimously upvoted and a masterpiece of a game; Clash of Clans.  The reach and popularity Clash of Clans garnered, in the mobile gaming platform is unimaginable.

It’s 4.6/5 rating along with the 100 million downloads serves to say it all about the amassing popularity gained by the game in such a short period of time since it’s release.

Speaking of, another game which has conveniently crossed the 100-mil mark within an equally short period of time is Hay Day, another masterpiece put forth by Supercell.


Now, not many of you are aware of the actual term ‘Supercell. But when they see the name in the above-displayed font and style, nostalgic memories of Clash of Clans and Hay Day strikes them hard.

Supercell, founded only in 2010, genuinely surprised right! The wide reach of its games and it’s ranging influence on mobile games make it hard to believe that the company was founded only recently earlier.

Its first game was Gunshine.net, which, unfortunately, was not of that great reach among gamers at that time, predominantly because gamers weren’t interested in exploring new genres of games produced by faceless companies and newly developing gaming industries.

Supercell, being kind of a venturous organisation, decided to take it’s view to another perspective. Thereby, expanding its reach to mobile games.

The game introduced further more games with a lot of investment and hard work within the company to be back on its feet once again.

Supercell had it’s the greatest breakthrough by the introduction of two of it’s greatest creations Clash of Clans and Hay Day, which had a deep impact in mobile gaming and other games of this specific genre.

And consequently, Supercell was placed as the top developer in Play Store, due to which it had a tremendous turnover in its revenue that year. The latest record of its revenue, recorded in 2015, was over 2.5 billion and counting now…

Chew Your Way Into The Game…

About Hay Day Game Play:

  • Hay Day, though instilling a deep positivity; a place of breeze and sunshine constantly keeps your decision-making and creative skills in check.
  • The basic layout of the game consists of your own farm base, that you must maintain in it’s most sustainable manner.
  • You can sow crops, reap them in proper time, and convert these into goods in your very own factory!
  • Also, you’ll have to try expanding your village to its maximum extent, having more constructs to make your village seemingly cool, thus singling it out from the rest.
  • You can also build shelters for each animal you desire, depending on your exports and imports.
  • You need to make sure they are hale and healthy, in order to extract the best benefit out of them.
  • Water is the main mode of transport of export and import goods.

Why Hay Day Hack Tool?

The finished products, once ready, are exported through shipping, which fetches you coins and gems.

But as you can see, these are a very meagre amount and barely yields any profit at all.

The income you receive gets exhausted to buy raw materials and sow your crops again.

It leaves very negligible amount to buy sophisticated machine kind of things, for developing your village to the next level.

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