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Developed by Playrix, Township is a city building game. For the very first time, Township was launched on social-networking website Facebook as an Adobe Flash application.

The game was made available for Apple run devices on October 24, 2013. A month later, that is on November 13, 2013; it was released on Google Play. On February 16, 2014, it was made available on Amazon AppStore.

In four years since its release, by November 2017, the game recorded 120 million downloads. This can be translated to approximately 3.5 million people playing Township every day.

More About The Township Game:

Township, like mentioned above, is a city building game that is set on a farm. Once you have installed the game, the game begins with a tutorial.

The player starts with a town by default. However, this town is quite basic, and it is your objective to develop this town through the course of the game. In order to achieve the objective, you, as a player need to make money first.

This can be done by harvesting crops, running industrial processes to convert raw materials into finished goods and selling them in the market.

The basic currency used in the game is called T-currency. Apart from this, players also gain XP (experience points) and coins for completing tasks and objectives.

Players use coins to build community buildings for developing the town while experiencing points can be used to reach the next level. Every time a player steps into the next level, new crops, buildings, industrial facilities, and decorations are unlocked.

How Can You Connect With Township?

Being a game first launched on Facebook, Township naturally encourages social interaction among its players. Players can visit others’ farms, check out the scoreboard and rankings of players before they compete.

For those who are not exactly competitive, regular visits to other farms could inspire you to develop your farm in a certain way.

Since 2015, the developers have encouraged a friendly town building attitude among players by introducing the donation feature. Using this feature, players help friends develop trains and planes by donating the number of coins.

The developers make sure the game is fresh, and the players don’t get bored by introducing new crops, animals, buildings, and factories with every update.

Features Of The Township Game:


There are four main types of buildings – factories, community buildings, special buildings, and houses. Every building in the game has a specific purpose.

For instance, the factories convert raw materials into products that are sold in the market.


With the latest update, bears, flamingos, zebras, penguins, chimpanzees, elephants, pelicans, wild boar, gazelle, arctic fox, platypus, Lynx, racoon, tapir, walrus and many more animals are ready to be bred in the zoo!

The bear is the first animal you will probably buy because it costs just 500 coins. It is most players’ dream to be able to get the Fennec Fox and Snowy owl as they cost a mighty 320,000 coins each!


Instead of ferrying people around, the main objective of having vehicles in the game is to transport goods.

Airplanes, Helicopters, Ships, and Trains are the kind of vehicles used.


Wheat, corn, carrot, sugarcane, strawberry, cotton, tomato, potato, pine tree are crops you get to harvest in the initial levels of the game.

However, as you tech advances levels, Jasmine, Pepper, Rubber Tree, Silk, and Cacao are unlocked. These crops, when used in factories, is processed to make an expensive product.


When you start the game, you start with exactly six pieces of land. As you level up, you will be able to add more pieces of land.

You can build community buildings and houses in this space. With the current version of the game, you have a maximum number of 115 fields.

Everything About Township Hack:

Why Do You Need To Use A Township Hack?

The main objective of this game is to build the rural town into a developed urban one. To do this, you need lots of money, of course.

This could be done by constantly farming, selling crops, running factory processes to produce expensive products which will then be sold in the market.

You could also breed animals and get some money. However, these procedures are time-consuming. By the time you make enough money, you might lose interest in the game.

An alternative to this would be to use real-world money and make the process of earning money quicker. But let’s face it, how many players are willing to spend real-world money to develop the town?

This is exactly why we have developed this township hack. Using this hack, you can get unlimited coins and cash for absolutely free! You can finally build your town exactly the way you wanted in no time with township hack!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

 I Am Broke And Don’t Want To Continue The Correct Game. Is It Possible To Reset A Game And Start Over?

  • You won’t be able to start a game over on the same device. However, it is possible to start a new game on a different device.
  • Do remember if your current game is linked to an online account like that of Facebook, Amazon, Google Play, the new game that you start will be synced to the progress of this game.
  • Make sure you give in new account details to avoid this.

How Can I Add A Profile Picture To My Game Account?

Follow these simple steps to change your profile picture:

  1. Open the game and click on the ‘Profile’ option.
  2. A window of all the profile picture options will appear.
  3. You can either pick one of the characters to look the game offers or select one picture from the social media account your game account is linked to.
  4. For instance, if your game account is linked to that of Facebook, your Facebook profile picture will automatically be used for your game as well.
  5. In case you want to remove the picture itself, go to ‘Additional Settings’ and disable the profile picture option by detaching it. You can always tick it back if you want to put a profile picture.

I Lost My Game Sounds Somehow. How Do I Get It Back?

This Could Happen Due To Many Reasons:

  1. Make sure to check your game settings. You might have unknowingly muted it.
  2. If the settings are fine, but there is no sound, restart the app.
  3. If the sound is not back, restart your device.

What If The Problem Is Still Not Fixed?

  1. Try plugging in your earphones and then unplugging them.
  2. Check if your device is muted. Keep the volume at its highest.
  3. Turn off your music player in case it’s on.

Final Words:

This strategy game is quite addictive. The fact that players can play the game at their own pace, design the town exactly the way they want is clearly working in favour of the game.

Use The Hack And Enjoy Building Your Dream Town!!!